Know the Risks of the Morning-After Pill

Risks/Side Effects

Nausea, vomiting, possible infertility, breast tenderness, ectopic pregnancy, i.e. pregnancy inside the fallopian tubes that is life-threatening, blood clot formation and increased health risks for smokers.(1)

Long-term Impact

The potential long-term impact of emergency contraception is a legitimate cause for concern. No long-term testing has been done to confirm how safe these large dosages of the birth control pill are for women. The possible effect of the drug on children who survive is also worrisome. Nonetheless these drugs have been approved by the Health Protection Service of Canada.

Safety for Women

Current policy which makes emergency contraception available without a doctor’s prescription puts women and girls at a higher risk for disease and sexual-reproductive health problems. Drug manufacturers stress that emergency contraception is not intended for repetitive use. However, they have yet to present a realistic plan to prevent this. Since it is not mandatory for women to receive counselling from a health care professional in order to obtain emergency contraception, women need to educate themselves about the risks and consequences of this drug.

(1) Wilks, J. A Consumer’s Guide to the Pill and other Drugs 2nd Edition 1997